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Collaboration with GST BOCES and Club Updates

This past weekend, the Big Red APDI team met up with Sarah Rockwell, an SLP from GST BOCES in Elmira, New York to discuss plans to lend toys and collaborate in the coming week! Elmira is about 45 minutes outside Ithaca, so we are excited to expand our boundaries and scope of impact of our club!

Sarah explained there is a huge need for adapted plush toys (the ones we rewire in the club events!!) for her students in her school system and we are super excited to begin lending toys on a monthly basis. Also, we may be able to coordinate some toy adapting events for families and possibly faculty, which is super exciting to bring the community together! A big thanks to Sarah for making all of this possible.

In other news, we are excited to announce that we are planning two plush toy adapting sessions for the week, the first on Monday for our general club body and the second on Wednesday for a group of Ithaca College Occupational Therapy students. We are looking forward to a busy week and a new set of toys ready to be adapted and lent out very soon!

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