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Image by Mathias Reding

Internal Operations

The Internal Operations (Internal Ops) team for Big Red APDI is focused on logistical processes for the organization. In particular, the team promotes brand awareness on campus and on social media – specifically through LinkedIn and Instagram. The team is committed to spreading the message of the Big Red APDI through campus PR and management. ​



Our newsletter serves as a biweekly update to our community partners and sponsors. In the newsletter, we provide progress reports on our organization's projects. 


Collaboration with Committees

The Internal Operations team works closely with the Engineering and POE committees to help document and highlight their progress. 



To promote our on-campus awareness and brand image, the Internal Operations team is working on developing merchandise for the team!




The Internal Operations team is working on developing and maintaining a YouTube channel to help document our progress and provide greater insight on our organization's functioning. 

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