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About Us

The Big Red Adaptive Play and Design Initiative (Big Red APDI) is a Cornell-based student organization that has the main goal of making assistive technologies more accessible to the special needs community in Ithaca and beyond. Our organization was founded during the Fall of 2021. Through our continued work and dedication, we have garnered over 100 members across all Cornell colleges and majors. Meet some of the members of our team below!


Patrick Evuleocha


Patrick is a sophomore studying Computer Science with a minor in business and game design in the College of Engineering. Patrick hopes to hone his skills in computer science to create more possibilities within the neurodivergent space, and introduce more opportunities for people with different capabilities.


Marco La Vecchia

Vice President

Marco is a second-year studying Operations Research and Information Engineering with a specialization in Data Science. His goal as the primary connection with APDI’s external relationships is to keep the club up to date with the community. 


Eddie Ramirez-Saquic


Eddie is a sophomore majoring in computer science. He is passionate about applying his social skills to the outreach efforts of APDI, including making a subchapter of the club on NYU's campus!


Brandon Jackson


Brandon is a sophomore studying chemical engineering with a more specific interest in the pharmaceutical industry.  Brandon is very interested and moved by APDI’s mission and spreading the word about its valuable impact on the greater Ithaca community.

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Angelica Gomez

Engineering Co-Chair

Angelica is a junior in mechanical engineering with an interest in aerospace design. Big Red APDI has created an opportunity for her to apply her engineering skills learned from classes to the outreach opportunities the organization offers.


Chris Parker

Engineering Co-Chair

Chris is a sophomore studying computer science with a focus on software engineering. He is passionate about creating software and hardware solutions to help real people, and leading others to do the same.


Evan Lee

Planning, Outreach, & Education Co-Chair

Evan is a freshman studying Hotel Administration. He really resonates with the mission of APDI. He wants to make an impact on the greater Ithaca community and contribute to the expansion of APDI.


Chloe Jung

Planning, Outreach, & Education Co-Chair

Chloe is a freshman studying Cognitive Science and Biological Sciences. She hopes to spread awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities throughout the greater Ithaca community.


Chengling Zheng

Internal Operations Chair

Chengling is a sophomore studying Information Science with dual concentration in Data Science and UI/UX Design. She hopes to apply the knowledge and skills she has gained in the classroom setting to projects that APDI will be working on, furthering the mission and spreading awareness about creating a more accessible world.


Mae Sliwinski

Education & Development Team (EDT) Lead

Mae is a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with an interest in human-centered design. Her goal is to identify and develop engineering projects that meet both Cornell’s and the larger community’s needs.

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Tapomayukh "Tapo" Bhattacharjee

Faculty Advisor

Tapo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University. He works to enable robots to assist people with mobility limitations with tasks for daily living. 

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Michael Dicpinigaitis

President Emeritus & Founder

Michael is a recent graduate from Cornell University with a BS in Biological Sciences in CALS. He created this student organization in his sophomore year and hopes to bridge the gap between Cornell students and the Ithaca special needs community and beyond.

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