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Image by Mathias Reding


The Engineering team for Big Red APDI is focused on researching new adaptive technologies aside from toy adaption. In particular, the team is dedicated to innovating assistive technology solutions based on community-need. The Engineering committee also designs adaptive switches using 3D computer-aided design software and utilizes 3D printing technologies to manufacture custom solutions. 


Key Guards

Key guards are molded plastic overlays with holes that isolate each key on a mobile tablet. Key guards provide control and accuracy for individuals who use typing aids. 


Tablet Holders

Tablet holders can be used for those who have muscle strain or limited grip strength. They can be adjusted based on the user's preference. 


Quad Hand Clip Page Turner

A lightweight device that is used to effectively turn pages. Users with weak grip strength will be able to use the device to help flip pages.


Desk Clamp

Desktop clamps allow the user to hold small objects in the clamp firmly – allowing the user to interact with the object without having to hold it. 

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