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Big Red Adaptive Play and Design Initiative

Making assistive technologies more accessible for all in the Greater Ithaca community.

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Our Mission

We are the Big Red APDI team! Our mission is to champion inclusivity by creating tailored home adaptations that address the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. Through collaborative design and innovation, we aspire to break down barriers and enrich lives. We work tirelessly to ensure that no one is left behind, promoting equal opportunities, and fostering a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone can thrive. We are united by our passion for design, technology, and a shared commitment to inclusivity. Together, we are making a tangible impact and shaping a more accessible world.

Our Function

As a student organization at Cornell, we host biweekly events that anyone can attend and get involved in. Students can expect to work in small groups at these events to learn the processes of soldering, wire modification, accessibility, design, and so much more! No experience required!

In addition to toy/device adaptation, we also have plans to directly design assistive technology solutions for people with physical disabilities with particular needs in the community. A few examples of what this need could look like may include 3D printed key-guards designed for communication devices, 3D printed switches designed for activating toys/devices, and sensory boards designed to improve tactile awareness.


We hope you can join us in making a difference in the Ithaca community!

Our Work

Community Parternships

We are dedicated to partnering with various communities within the Ithaca region to support accessibility and inclusivity. Here's a list of some of our partners!

GST Bosces
Unity House
Ithaca College
Code Red Robotics
New York


We are so grateful to receive funding to support our mission. Here is a list of our various sponsors:

Cornell University

It takes a team to make a difference.

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