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Big Red APDI Receives Funding from the CPFB

The Big Red APDI team is extremely excited to announce that we have been selected by Cornell's Community Partnership Funding Board (CPFB) to graciously receive a grant of ~$2,400. As such, the Big Red APDI organization is funded in part through a grant from the Community Partnership Funding Board, a program of the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. As one of three recipients of this grant, we are overwhelmingly grateful for the CPFB's support and engagement toward our organization.

"The CPFB is a student-run grant board that seeks to foster student leadership and social responsibility by encouraging students to take action against social inequities." They assist such students to develop grassroots community action projects and administer grants of up to $2,500 in accordance with Cornell's Student Assembly.

To learn more about the Community Partnership Funding Board (CPFB), please visit their website here.

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