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Big Red APDI Receives Funding from the Contribution Project

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

The Big Red APDI team is excited to announce that our organization has generously been selected by the Contribution Project. The Contribution Project strives to help Cornell's undergraduate students make meaningful contributions to their community. As such, they support Cornell undergraduates by offering 100 students $400 to enact the change that we wish to make.

Cornell's Contribution Project team supports students' ideas for contribution with an eye toward learning about the kinds of issues and communities to which students most want to contribute and how the process of doing so might impact our communities.

Through the Contribution Project's generosity, the Big Red APDI team will be able to purchase more complex toys and devices to make switch-accessible for students and individuals with motor impairments. The Big Red APDI team is extremely thankful for this addition to our funding, and we will be sure to use this funding to further support and connect with the Ithaca Special Needs community.

To learn more about the Contribution Project and our involvement, please visit this site.

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