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Big Red APDI Receives Funding from Cornell's SAFC

The Big Red APDI team is extremely excited to announce that we have been selected by Cornell's Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC) to graciously receive a grant of ~$1,000. With this funding, the Big Red APDI team will purchase the necessary items for adapting our toys. As one of the recipients of this grant, we are overwhelmingly grateful for the SAFC's support and engagement toward our organization.

"The SAFC allocates over $1.4 million dollars to over 500 student organizations on campus every year. As a member of the SAFC, you can make meaningful contributions to the undergraduate body by helping clubs and organizations receive the funding they need to continue enriching the Cornell community with sports teams, programming, concerts, performances, and more!"

To learn more about the Community Partnership Funding Board (CPFB), please visit their website here.

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